About Pacific OpenSpace

Pacific OpenSpace, Inc. consults with property managers and maintenance crews, instructing them how to manage and enhance native plant communities. Pacific OpenSpace had been a restoration contractor from January, 1987 until January 2016, a period of 29 years, in which we learned directly about the tools and techniques of land management, as well as the response of native plants to our activities. We share this knowledge with our clients.

We offer comprehensive consulting services for the design, restoration and management of natural areas. We participate in projects that call for mitigation, restoration, erosion control and related work Our goal is to develop healthy and natural plant communties and landscapes that are compatible with your life and your needs. Just as important, the maintenance of these communities must fit within your budget and your available time and staff.

We are experienced in all phases, including design, site preparation, irrigation, seeding, plant installation and ongoing maintenance. Our clients include private landholders and public agencies.